The erasure of black women, past, present and within intersectionality

Since I’ve started to learn about my history, I’ve found myself asking the same questions time and time again. Why are black women being erased from our history and being silenced in our present? Intersectionality is defined as, connecting categorisations such as race, class and gender as they relate to a given group, it allows them to overlap, so it creates a category within a category.

When I came across intersectionality, the meaning of the word, in reference to the black woman’s struggle, it truly aggravated me. The existence of one cause within another, seems so much more complicated than need be, but so does every movement that has started, because of our need to survive in a world that constantly tells us, that our lives aren’t worth anything. It’s an unnecessary cross roads in my opinion, why segment black women’s rights within women’s rights, sexism within racism and so on. These sub groups leave the black woman unrepresented, we are often tolerated and seldom celebrated, even within our own community. So why are we looking outward for answers, when logically we just need our own complete movement that segments us completely apart from any other movement.

We played immensely important roles in the civil rights movements, the bus boycotts, slavery rebellions, black colleges, black lives matter and every other movement to free us, because of how deeply we love our kin folk. Black women scream, fight and represent black men 100 times more than they scream, fight or represent us. The thing that baffles me is the why? why is this happening? To me it seems a common sense thing to say that we do not love ourselves enough, because we’ve been trained/raised to put our men first. We have also been taught not to have a sisterhood between ourselves but to fight each other for everything, there’s no unity within the black female community. Everything below the surface seems fake deep, because it usually is. This is a world wide problem, we love our daughters and we raise our sons, so why would they respect and love us enough to fight for us, when we collectively do not do right by future black women by investing the time raising our sons with the same conations that we raise our daughters? Why aren’t we teaching them to be good husbands, good fathers and respectable men all around? These boys grow up to be men who happily erase us from our story and replace a white or asian woman just like john Ridley did recently by placing Freida Pinto in the leading female role in a series about the Black Panthers  in the UK.

With the exposure of police brutality you wouldn’t even recognise the fact that black women are killed at the same rate as black men, they are also beaten but what’s more is that they are often times raped and sexually exploited. This is because there is sexism within the Black Lives Matter movement, of course it shouldn’t be this way, it shouldn’t be this difficult to say that we matter, but it is. Whenever there’s a male female dynamic, the male dynamic is always seen as superior regardless of race. We need our own movement, intersections of different issues only perpetuates the careless nature of society of those issues. We cannot move forward successfully as a race if we do not address the countless amount of elephants that sit in our rooms. I do not have the answers, I just know that feminism does not bode well with our cause because we are a comma, a slash or a hyphen within that movement. We need our own, we need to understand that until we start dealing with our own issues we have no place in an ocean, drops don’t make a difference before a flood.

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