Be selfish, vote because it matters to you

The snap election, that Theresa May has dropped on our door steps remind me of the position that African Americans were  in 1964, when Malcolm X gave the speech titled ‘the ballot or the bullet. It reminds me of it because of how much we have to lose by not voting. Our time is up, it’s up for not voting, for voting stupid, voting ignorant and wasting our votes. I was going to attempt to write an unbiased article which had pros and cons of the two leading parties but to be honest there is too much that I do not agree with from the tory camp. The tories offer us nothing substantial, the fact that they are pro privatisation of the NHS and pro fox hunting shows us the sort of society and the type of people that they are interested in protecting. We aren’t people who can afford to lose our NHS, we aren’t people who agree with unnecessary wars, or having election campaigns that are run purely on propaganda. Our vote matters! 

The importance of voting seems to have lost its way in our generation. Politics aren’t taught in schools, the media hardly portray an accurate history of political parties, it all  becomes a pompous show of who can out-best who with the most childish remarks or who can be the biggest bully. It’s no wonder that we have all lost interest in voting.

Are we hurting our communities and our own personal interest by having this point of view? Well I believe that we are, I do not intend to bore you with political jargon or to compare parties but I will try to persuade you to use your vote. Not because many of our own have fought for our right to vote and died for us to have freedom of choice, but because you should do it for yourself. Just imagine having to have insurance when you or someone you love goes into labour, or needs emergency care, would you be able to afford your healthcare insurance?

The difference with this election is that I actually believe that Jeremy Corbin is a good human being, he speaks up and shows up for the things that matter to us. So here’s a list of things that labour plans on investing in so that we as a society, can do more than just live pay cheque to pay cheque.

They plan on investing in our schools by providing childcare, free school meals, removing university fees, putting funding back into healthcare, social care and our nurses. They plan on ensuring that none of us are struggling when we retire with better pensions. Providing housing benefits for under 21’s, which will help with the rise in youth homelessness. They will put 10,000 police officers back in our communities, raise our minimum wage to £10 by 2020 and lift the cap on public sector pay. This isn’t everything that they plan on doing but I’ve listed what I’ve found to be the most important. 

You can read Labours full manifesto and the costings information for yourself so that you’re comfortable and happy with who you’re investing your vote in. Undecided? Labour has the highest number of elected ethnic minority members of parliament. I’ve listed them below, you can click on the links and learn a bit about them. 

Chi Onwurah MP (Labour)

Chuka Umunna MP (Labour)

David Lammy MP (Labour)

Diane Abbott MP (Labour)

Keith Vaz MP (Labour)

Khalid Mahmood MP (Labour)

Lisa Nandy MP (Labour)

Mark Hendrick MP(Labour)

Rushanara Ali, MP

Rosena Allin-Khan MP (Labour)

Seema Malhotra MP (Labour)

Shabana Mahmood MP (Labour)

Valerie Vaz MP (Labour)

Virendra Sharma MP (Labour)

Yasmin Qureshi MP (Labour)

Alan Mak MP (Conservative)

Clive Lewis MP (Labour)

Dawn Butler MP (Labour)

Imran Hussain MP (Labour)

Kate Osamor MP (Labour)

Naz Shah MP (Labour)

Rupa Huq MP (Labour)

Thangam Debbonaire MP (Labour)

Tulip Siddiq MP (Labour)

Still can’t decide if you’re going to vote? If you’re getting housing benefits, if you’ve ever used the NHS, if you can’t afford housing, if  can’t afford to go to university,  if you can’t afford childcare, if you’re tired of working just to pay bills and get by – if any of this applies to you, you need to vote. The registering deadline is the 22nd of May.  Simply put; we say that we don’t want to be a part of the system but we happily use it, we all benefit from it and these tools that we use will not be available to us, our children or our grandchildren if we let the Tories win this election. 

Register to vote here: gov.uk/register-to-vote.


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