Another one bites the pasty!

The question is was Wayne Shaw having us on? Arsenal and Sutton matched ended in a 2-0 win for Arsenal, and a full stomach for Sutton’s reserve Goal keeper Wayne Shaw. On Monday night he is seen clearly from the sides lines eating a pasty. Gambling commission and FA are investigating as it is suspected that he is in breach of betting rules. As apparently he had knowledge of there being betting odds against him, at 8-1 for eating an actual pasty during the match.
In an interview about the breach of betting laws Shaw said “I just did it for a laugh. They sing who are all the pies and all the time I wanted to do it, I just thought I’d give the crowd what they want. Since that interview he has resigned.
Paul Doswell Sutton’s Manager commented “I would have advised him to act much differently. I would have told him not to eat the pie.” A sports therapist from last night game, seemed more concerned about his selfie with Arsene Wenger as a Tottenham supporter; which is now causing his family to no longer speak to him. Yet the FA and Gambling officials assure us they are taking the matter very seriously.
Shaw denies all claims that he was involved in any gambling. Hungry? Why wait? Maybe because it would cost you your job mate!

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